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Citta the Elephant predicts Euro 2012 semi-finals
Posted Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by SNTV


Fresh from her success predicting the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, Citta the psychic elephant has turned her trunk to the semis.

She has plumped for Portugal over Spain, after eating a melon at Krakow Zoo.


Krakow Zoo in Poland was once again the centre of all things Euro 2012.

Having correctly predicted all four quarter-finals, Citta the Elephant put her psychic powers to the test once more.

Which way would her trunk sway this time?

Picking up the melon for Spain first or Portugal?

The tension is building.

Citta taking her time, working the crowds like a pro.

Coming in from the Spanish side.

For a split second, she hovered over their fruit , but then moving across and plumping for Portugal.

It's a decision that will have huge repercussions for the tournament if the defending champions are indeed knocked out by their Iberian neighbours.

Officials from Krakow Zoo revealed that Citta had spent time in Spain's Costa Blanca before heading for Poland.

Zoo vet Jerzy Pirog:

"According to the saying which goes around the zoo, Citta spent a couple of years in Terra Natura Park in Spain, so everybody expected that she is going to take the Spain. But probably she didn't want to be accused of some kind of sympathy and she decided otherwise, the Portugal. But well - everything is in her mind."

The public hunger for yet more predictions apparently still unabated.

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